2022 New Cocktail Smoker Kit with Torch with 4 Wood Chips Flavors, Old Fashioned Drink Smoker with Light Up LED Coaster, Infuse Cocktails, Wine, Whiskey, Cheese, Salad, Meats, Whiskey Gifts for Men Women (No Butane)

Price: $49.98
(as of Jan 14,2023 14:29:53 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Whiskey SmokerWhiskey Smoker

Cocktail SmokerCocktail Smoker

Easy to useEasy to use

Smoker set

Smoker set

LED Coaster

LED Coaster

Cocktail Smoker with LED smoker

Cocktail Smoker with LED smoker

Cocktail Smoker w/ LED Coaster

U-Neat Cocktail Smoker is masterfully crafted with close attention to even the smallest details using quality wood. It comes with an LED light coaster that lights up both the glass and your senses to enhance your drinking experience.

Different Light Effects

The built-in LED coaster allows you to choose from different colors that beautifully complement your drinks for refreshing sensory stimulation. It sets a fun, enjoyable, and soothing tone and ambiance for any family reunions, parties, or some quality “ME” time!

More Unique Flavors

This cocktail smoking kit comes with 4 wood chip flavors that allow you to add a smoky and creative twist to any drinks you have in mind. Lemon slices, cherries, strawberries, watermelon, and mint can be added as auxiliary ingredients. Or just pair it with different foods – your imagination’s the limit!

Light up coasterLight up coaster

Not Just A Cocktail Smoker!

An exquisite cocktail smoking kit that can make your own smoky flavor!

U-Neat Cocktail smoker infuser kit turns smoking drinks into a visual experience that’s sure to wow both family and friends. Whether it’s a party or just a family gathering, our drink smoking kit is sure to impress.

Why choose U-Neat Cocktail Smoker set?

The cocktail smoker comes with a light-emitting coaster that will uplift the ambiance of any setting and set the right tone for enjoyment and fun. The smoke infuser is made of solid wood with a vintage, old-fashioned design and a natural texture. Try it with whiskey, wine, or bourbon to add a unique, smoky, and delicious taste to your drinks!

Cocktail Smoker setCocktail Smoker set

What’s inside the U-Next Cocktail Smoking Kit?

U-Neat Cocktail Smoking Kit comes with an exquisite gift box. A perfect gift for husband, wife, dad, friends, loved family members, and whiskey lovers!

U-Neat Cocktail Smoker package includes:

1 Wooden Smoker Infuser (stainless steel filter included)1 LED light-up Coaster with different light effects1 kitchen Torch (No Butane)1 Cleaning Brush1 Spoon4 Different Flavors of Natural Wood Chips (Apple, Cherry, Pear, and Pecan)

Best gift choiceBest gift choice

【ALL IN ONE SMOKER KIT】U-Neat Cocktail Smoking kit is an ultimate upgraded version of the drink smoker. It comes in a beautifully packed box with truly exquisite design, including a wooden smoke infuser with a light-emitting coaster, a torch, an smoking board, a cleaning brush, a filter, and 4 different flavors of wood chips – apple, cherry, pear, and pecan without artificial ingredients. Try it with your whiskey, wine, or bourbon to have the most original and pure smoky taste of your drink!
【TREAT FOR THE EYES AND TONGUE】With the light up LED coaster, our whiskey smoker infuser kit allows you to see smoky clouds tangling with the drinks while infusing it with a woody flavor and fragrance to create a unique and unforgettable sensory experience that’s just as delicious
【GET THE RIGHT FLAVOR】A complete whiskey infusion kit to enhance your drink flavor. It can ignite your sensory stimulation. The mild smoky flavor will be created in a few seconds when the smoke is absorbed into the drinks. With the light up LED coaster, you can see the smoky cloud tangling with the drinks. In just a sip, you can clearly feel the taste of the original wood fragrance from your mouth to your spirits, producing a unique and unforgettable sensory experience.
【VERSATILE WAYS TO USE】We designed our cocktail smoker kit for drinks to provide just the right fit for elevating the flavor profile of any cocktails, whiskey, or bourbon and can also be used for infusing meats, cheese, salads, ice cream, and other foods with a smoky flavor while being a breeze to use.
【THOUGHTFUL WHISKEY GIFT IDEA】Our cocktail smoker kit makes the perfect whiskey gifts for men, women, fathers, husbands, wives, whiskey enthusiasts, and anyone who loves to craft cocktails. It makes a thoughtful gift for housewarming, Christmas, holidays, New Year’s, etc. Backed by our 30-Day Full Refund Guarantee if you aren’t satisfied – no questions asked!






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