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Simply put, I help all sizes of organizations place their best marketing foot forward. Before anyone appraises the services, products, or values of a corporation, they’re greeted with the visual representation of how that company represents themselves. From this split-second introduction, potential customers & business partners make instant judgments about your brand, deciding either to proceed or pass. I establish strong, unique quality visuals ensuring your corporate vision is established consistently when delivered to your audience, your clients, and your prospects. In today’s fast-paced world, you don’t have much time to engage every customer with an extended dialog about your product, expertise, or latest innovation. My creative design solutions work to establish that particular voice for you.

Walter F. Johnson
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I just read your Craigslist ad & wanted to reply. The COVID-19 nationwide lockdown severely impacted my local client base. So I’m reaching outside my area to seek new design projects like yours. For over 15 years I’ve worked with both large & small companies supplying graphic design creative for all sorts of project needs ranging from retail food packaging & labeling to corporate WordPress websites, landing pages, product catalogs, sales sheets, PowerPoint presentations, t-shirts & just about everything else in-between. Here’s a link to samples of my past graphic design work for your review:


I’m seeking to establish strong, ongoing relationships with clients, and I’m sure you as a client probably want a designer that’s battle-tested & dependable. That said, let me know if you’d like to discuss further details of your current projects. If you feel I’m a good fit, then I’d love to help you with your ongoing graphic design needs. Stay safe out there in these tumultuous times.

Walter Johnson
Graefika, LLC
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I believe that my involvement with your organization is a great opportunity to use my current design acumen to strengthen your marketing presence in both online and offline channels. I come from a traditional print & agency background, having successfully transitioned into digital marketing over the last several years. Every day, I continue to market my client’s brands through the required sales materials, websites, social media, and other forms of corporate collateral & outreach. Your company can benefit from my years of experience, while you enjoy a solid, consistent brand message – from face-to-face meetings with new prospective customers to interior sales sheets, and outreach efforts. Your business must have a consistent brand message across LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and every other mainstream marketing platform, and that’s the type of work that I can do for you. Don’t wait. Let’s get started today.

COVID-19 basically destroyed my design business. I am having to start over. I’d like to hook onto an agency or studio where I can learn to be a better designer, try out new styles and techniques, and work with clients who aren’t afraid to take a left and go off-road when it comes to marketing solutions. Few clients dare to let designers really push the envelope, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to at least try. The most memorable people are the ones who take some risks. Try new stuff. Balance on the edge of genius & utter failure. I’d say “Put a dent in the universe”, but Jobs already said that. I also want to make a living “doing design”, so I can throw it back in the face of every hater.