Who am I, what do I do and why does it matter?

HI I’m Mike. I’m in Medicare. I also work talking to people about their Medicare and helping people get the best Medicare coverage possible.

Sometimes talking to me saves you money. Sometimes you get more coverage or benefits for the same money. On occasion you may spend a bit more and get so much more / better Medicare coverage that it is worth it.

No matter how much I save you, or better you, my service is free to you.

I get paid by the companies that the government authorizes to provide Medicare coverage, not by you. There are about 10 of these companies I represent, independently, including, Aetna, United Health Care, Humana, Anthem, Horizon, Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

But I don’t work for these companies. I work for myself and you. I am licensed by the government of your state to speak to you and help you with Medicare. However, my loyalty is not to a big company. I don’t work for them. I don’t owe them anything. My loyalty is to you and doing right for you. I own you a good job and honesty.  You call me, I will deliver that.

There are also people licensed to talk you about Medicare that work directly for one of these companies. These, single company employee-agents, are different than me.

Their job is to sell you health insurance from the company they work for. If their company’s coverage is the best coverage for you, you got lucky.

If it’s not, their company agent will likely try to sell it to you anyway. With 10 companies out there with product the odds are good that there could be a bad fit if you are only being shown one coverage option; or two, if you talk to two company agents. Be careful.

Whether or not you call me, be aware of the difference between company agents and independent advisors like me. We have different agendas.

 I’m happy that you read this far and now know the difference. Always ask any Medicare agent you speak to if they are working for one company or if they are independent. It is important to know.

What happens if you select or are sold the wrong coverage?

If this happens and you are unlucky and get sick or injured it may cost you a lot of money, or access to the best medical care. If your access to the best care is denied because of a bad coverage selection, it could prolong your illness, cost you a lot of money, both, or worse.

So, getting the right coverage, the best coverage, is one of the most important decisions of your life. I will help you with this, if you ask.

About half the people I talk to, currently in Medicare, have the right coverage. It takes about 10 minutes on the phone to determine that. If that is the case, I will tell you. You will walk away reassured. It’s free and worth it.

About 35% I speak with have coverage that is not the best, but it’s probably not going to cause damage. It just isn’t the best.

If that is your case, I will show you how working with me can help you. You can decide then, or, after some private thinking, you want my help and better coverage. Ask, and I will help you.

The other 15% have coverage that may be so inappropriate that it could cause a serious problem accessing proper services in a health crisis.

If this is your situation, I will explain to you, in detail, what is wrong with your coverage, how to fix it, and suggest that you carefully consider your risk and the benefit of working with me to fix it. We can.

So I encourage you to call. I will tell you which of these categories you are in. No cost, no obligation.

Why are there so many people out there with less than ideal or outright inappropriate / bad coverage?

Well there are a lot of reasons.

Medicare is complicated and much different than company, union, or individual coverage you had prior to 65. It is unlikely you will be able figure out on your own what your situation is and whether you are OK or not.

Single company agents, as mentioned, can be another source of less-than-ideal coverage.

It is possible to get bad advice on sign up or coverage from Social Security or Medicare (the government Medicare agency) directly. I did.

There are also independent agents that don’t have the experience or knowledge to be good advisors. Bad or incomplete advice from one of them can cause big problems. It happened to me.

My personal story with Medicare.

When I first enrolled in Medicare, several years ago, I got bad advice from Social Security, Medicare and an independent agent I placed my trust in. Sparing you the long story (I’ll tell you in person if you like), this combination of bad advice cost me over $3000 in fees and premiums that I shouldn’t have had to pay, left me without doctor coverage for 3 months without an ability to close the gap, cost me close to 100 hours in waiting time at government t offices or on the phone. it was a nightmare.

Fortunately, I didn’t get sick during the coverage lapse. And, with 9 months of work, I fixed the problem. I could not recover the $3000. However, I survived and learned a lot.

Why am I telling you this, you may ask?

Well you probably know, one of the best ways to learn about a complicated matter, in this case Medicare, is to have firsthand bad experience with the complications, figure out how the mess occurred, and how to fix it. I did that.

In the process I learned things about Medicare that they don’t teach in school. (Yes, I have to go to school to do this.) I learned things that are important and not obvious on any Medicare website or publications, including, ways to save you money on Medicare that the government doesn’t go out of its way to inform you of.

Maybe you remember the commercials, Victor Kiam, Remington Shaver, ‘I liked it so much I decided to buy the company’.

Well with me it was,

I learned so much (about Medicare) I decided to go into to work sharing this knowledge, so you can avoid any problems and have the best coverage possible.

And, this being ‘America the Beautiful’, my advice doesn’t cost you anything.  I even get to make and honest dollar sharing it with you.

So, If you are in Medicare and want to better understand if you are OK, or not?

Or, if you are 64 and planning on being in Medicare when eligible at 65 and in process of understanding your options and the issues and complications with Medicare.

Or if you are 64 or older and presently in company or union group health coverage and interested in better understanding whether you should stay in your group plan or switch to Medicare

Give me a call or sign up on the website and we can talk. I will give you accurate, unbiased information without trying to sell you anything. That is my promise. I think you will be happy you did.

My service is free. And, if we talk, and it appears I can help you, I will send you a $10 gift card from Walmart, Starbucks, or Target, without any obligation to work with me.

If I can’t help you, and you refer a friend or relative, and I help them, I will send you a $25 gift card. Not too bad. Besides, I’m fun and easy to talk to.

I invite you to call. I welcome hearing from you and working together.